Code: BS378
Getf1 Power Window Lubricant 150ml

Lubricant is developed especially to lubricates slow and stuck power windows. It provides better gliding power and safer to all rubber and surfaces. Content : 150ml. Made in “MALAYSIA“.

Name of the Product : Window Lubricant 150ml

Content : 150ml

15,00 AED

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Getf1 Power Window Lubricant 150ml

  • Wind Down completely windows.
  • Squeeze a few drops of Getf1 window lubricant along both sides of rubber lining.
  • If window could not be open ,squeeze Getf1 window lubricant between the side linings and glass generously to ensure better coverage.
  • Wind windows up and down several times to recondition window into normal Operation.

Brand: Getf1            Product: Getf1 Power Window Lubricant 150ml


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