BC062 – Car Booster Cable 1500Amp and 4Meter

Code: BC062

# Sturdy rubber grips that are heavily sprung to ensure a tight solid grip on the battery terminal# Heavy gauge with serrated teeth will ensure a tough grip on the surface# 1500 AMP suitable for all type of heavy vehicles with high performance. # Heavy Duty oval type packing

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Jumper cables are used to start a vehicle with a dead battery. The jumper cables are attached to the dead battery and a fully charged battery in another vehicle. Once the vehicle with the dead battery is started, drive the vehicle to charge the dead battery. Cold weather resistant. Great for trucks and cars. Works with both top and side post terminals. Insulated Clamps. This jumper cable is suited for all Cars Instructions Determine whether you need jumper cables. If you turn the key and your vehicle makes a click, but won’t start, you will indeed need jumper cables. If the vehicle makes a starting noise and electrical devices such as your lights and radio work, then the battery is not your problem; thus, jumper cables will not help. Unravel the jumper cables so that they are straight. Note that each end has two clips: a red clip and a black clip. Park the vehicle with the fully charged battery next to the vehicle with the dead battery. It is important that the two batteries are close enough so that the jumper cables can reach them. It is best to park the vehicles with the engines either facing each other or side by side. Raise both hoods so the engines are exposed. Attach one of the jumper cable red clips to the positive terminal of the dead battery. A “+” sign will indicate which terminal is positive. The positive terminal is also a little bit larger than the negative terminal. You may need to remove a plastic cover on the terminal to attach the red clip. The clip should be attached to the metal part of the terminal nub. Attach the other red clip to the positive terminal of the fully charged battery. This will also be designated by a “+” sign and the positive terminal will be slightly larger. The clip should be attached to the metal part of the terminal nub.


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